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President and Provost Evaluation Procedures and Policy

President and Provost Evaluation Procedures and Policy

Date enacted or revised: 
Revised December 2005

Purposes of Evaluation of President and Provost

In compliance with the requirements of the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS) and in order to uphold systematic analysis for the improvement of the institution, an evaluation system for the assessment of the President and Provost has been established at McNeese State University. This process is in accordance with recommendations of the consulting firm of Penson - Strawbridge.
The purpose of the evaluation is to maintain a system for the performance management of these positions, as well as assess the quality and substance of administrative performance in the context of the University's mission. Consequently, the evaluation must reflect the functions of the administrative duties and expectations while developing a positive climate for growth in the professional competence and leadership.


A college/university president within the University of Louisiana System shall have, among others, the following general responsibilities: *This list is taken from the document: The Process for Evaluation of Institution Presidents - University of Louisiana System.


· Provide effective leadership in carrying out the mission of the institution.


· Make effective use of, and appropriately allocate, all resources (personnel, money, equipment, space).
· Implement institutional objectives by proper planning and budgeting.
· Insure sound fiscal management.
· Insure academic soundness in activities of students and faculty.
· Implement an effective personnel system.


· Provide a clear and well-defined vision of the institution consistent with the Master Plan and expectation of the Board.

Academic Quality

· Understands differences among educational programs.
· Promotes efforts to improve quality in academic programs and encourages achievement of professional accreditation where available.
· Recruits and retains able faculty.
· Encourages institutional efforts to improve retention and graduation rates.

Human Relations/Public Relations

· Demonstrate effective human relation skills with subordinates, community leaders, legislators, and others associated with the institution.
· Maintain excellence in public relations with the internal and external communities.

Responsibility to the System Office/Board

· Inform the System office regarding significant matters affecting the institution.
· Insure that all decisions are legal, ethical, and in compliance with policies and procedures of the Board of Supervisors and the Board of Regents.


· Be a strong and persistent advocate for the institution in its relations with state and local government, private sector, and the general public.

Resource Development

· Engage in effective external resource development.


· Manage and maintain institutional facilities in a satisfactory manner within available resources.

Procedure for the Evaluation of the President

Evaluation of the President will be performed on an annual basis. Components of the evaluation include the completion of the ULS Institution President's Evaluation and the Annual Review of the President's Performance and Effectiveness Form (Appendix A). In addition, the University will cooperate with cyclical Presidential evaluations recommended by the Board of Supervisors.
Component 1 - ULS Institution President's Evaluation
The President will outline yearly individual performance goals, and means by which these goals will be measured. Achievement of goals is reported to the ULS each year.
Component 2 - Annual Review of the President's Performance and Effectiveness Form
During the academic year, the Annual Review of the President's Performance and Effectiveness Form, which contains job specific and general performance rating scale items and an open-ended question, will be completed by faculty and staff selected according to their job duties. Persons outside the institution such as members of the Alumni Board, Foundation Board, and others will also evaluate the President. The Office of Institutional Research and the Office of Institutional Effectiveness and Academic Support will provide technical and data gathering support.

Persons to Complete the President's Annual Evaluation Form

Executive Staff, academic deans, Library Director, persons reporting directly to the President, chair of committees appointed by the President, and selected members of the Alumni and Foundation Boards.


Procedure for the Evaluation of the Provost

During the academic year, the Annual Review of the Provost's Performance and Effectiveness Form (Appendix B) will be completed by faculty and staff selected according to their job duty.

Persons to Complete the Provost's Annual Evaluation Form

Evaluation forms are distributed to members of AAC, Executive Staff, Academic Department Heads, Chairs of Committees appointed by the Provost, Grants Coordinator, and Directors. Results are tabulated by the President and reviewed with the Provost.