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Flexible Special Entrance Rates for University Police

Authority: Business Affairs
Date Enacted or Revised: Revised November 30, 2012; Revised October 2015


The purpose of this policy is to provide the McNeese State University Police Department with an effective recruiting/hiring tool that will attract a more qualified pool of applicants for patrol officer positions.  Lack of adequate applicant pools and research of current regional law enforcement market hiring rates indicate that this special pay mechanism is required and justified for Police Officers who are post certified or completing post certification process and perform patrol duties.
This policy is written in accordance with authority granted under Civil Service Rule 6.5(b) and requires Civil Service Director approval prior to implementation.


Following the effective date of this policy, all persons hired/reassigned/promoted into one of the applicable titles below will be paid the Flexible Special Entrance Rate listed for the title.
The Chief of Police is responsible for researching current law enforcement hiring rates in the parish area that are relevant to the Flexible Special Entrance Rates currently in force.  The Chief of Police makes recommendations for change to Senior Staff management for approval.  The Human Resources and Student Employment Director submits recommendations to the Director of Civil Service and must receive approval for new Flexible Special Entrance Rate prior to implementation at the University.
The Flexible Special Entrance Rates, upon entry into a qualified position whether through hire/reassignment/promotion, are currently set at:
Police Officer 2—A                 $14.19 per hour
Police Sergeant—A                $17.39 per hour
Police Lieutenant—A              $17.39 per hour


Flexible Special Entrance Rates are specified in recruitment advertisements for position vacancies and in the Letter of Offer.
This policy is published on the McNeese State University Policy page and in the Office of Human Resources and Student Employment for public view.