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Faculty Workload Expectations Policy

Faculty Workload Expectations Policy

Academic and Student Affairs
Date enacted or revised: 
September 6, 2005
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Each person employed as a full-time instructional faculty member shall be assigned a minimum of 24 semester credit hours, or its equivalent, of instruction in organized classes each academic year.  Specific schools, colleges, or departments may set higher minimums for faculty, especially those not actively involved in non-instructional activities.  Reductions from the minimum may be allowed for the following factors:  special accreditation requirements, nature of the subject taught, number of different preparations, number of students taught, level of course (undergraduate, graduate, or mix), other special assignments, etc.  Faculty members employed to perform duties other than full-time instruction (e.g., administrative, research, etc.) are to receive appropriate adjustments in credit hour loads.

Department heads discuss faculty workload with their dean prior to making faculty assignments.  Each dean must verify reassigned time and obtain approval for faculty reasignments from the Office of Academic Affairs prior to the schedule being made.

Deans verify workload schedule and reassigned time information each Fall and Spring semester.  Workload schedule information identifies time allocated to teaching, research, and University and public service duties.  Information on the workload schedules are reviewed by the department head to facilitate equitable distribution of non-teaching duties within the department and to balance each facullty member's teaching and non-teaching duties.

Each faculty member should be apprised clearly at the beginning of each academic year of his/her duties and responsibilities for that year, in teaching, research, or other creative or artistic activity, service and special duties, and be notified clearly in advance of any changes in that assignment.  Full-time faculty members are expected to participate in commencement ceremonies each semester.  All faculty participate in student evaluation of instruction.

Part-time faculty (visiting lecturers, adjunct faculty, and faculty employed less than full-time) should consult SECTION 704 concerning appointments.  Part-time faculty participate in student evaluation of instruction.

Department Heads

Department Heads are full-time ranked faculty members who represent the faculty of and have administrative responsibilities for their respective departments.  They are generally responsible for the administration of their departments and the developement of teaching and scholarship among departmental faculty, as well as program review and development.

Provide satisfactory performance is documented, department heads may be reappointed each  year by the President upon the recommendation of the academic dean and the Vice President for Academic Affairs.  During the academic period, the department head may be reassigned at the discretion of the dean to teaching or other duties commensurate with the individual's academic rank.  In accordance with University policy, all administrative appointments expire June 30 of each year and new appointments and agreements become effective July 1 of each year.

Department Heads receive alternate work time releases from teaching duties in proportion to the requirements of the administrative duties of their respective academic unit.