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Core Values

Core Values

Date enacted or revised: 
2005 re 9/2013
McNeese State University's four core values are academic excellence, student success, fiscal responsibility, and university-community alliances. These values serve as the basis for the institution's programming and decision-making activities. The scope of each value is expressed, but not limited, by three goal statements. Campus units and programs align objectives to these goals in fulfillment of their specific missions.

Academic Excellence

  1. Demonstrate excellence in teaching in order to enhance student recruitment, retention, and graduation.
  2. Demonstrate commitment to research and creative and scholarly activity.
  3. Demonstrate commitment to program quality through ongoing assessment, accreditation, and offerings that support innovative learning methods such as service learning, research opportunities, study abroad, and internships.

Student Success

  1. Provide comprehensive student services that support academic life and the general health and welfare of the student body.
  2. Nurture and develop programs that enhance student engagement in campus life.
  3. Provide access to user-friendly technology, state-of-the-art instructional equipment, and functional facilities that support learning and retention.

Fiscal Responsibility

  1. Utilize resources efficiently and effectively to support the university mission.
  2. Maximize operational efficiencies through effective personnel management, use of technology, and/or improved services.
  3. Expand financial foundation by garnering outside funding and developing relationships with external entities that reduce costs and/or increase revenues.

University-Community Alliances

  1. Engage in collaborative ventures and campus and community activities which enhance economic development, cultural and artistic growth, and or educational experiences for the SWLA region and beyond.
  2. Develop programs that are viable, innovative, and relevant to market needs.
  3. Ensure positive, ongoing community-campus relationships by showcasing high quality, NCAA-certified athletic events.