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Majoring in Philosophy

Majoring in Philosophy

Studying Philosophy at McNeese
Majoring in Philosophy
Philosophy students are trained in a number of skills that make them highly competitive in professional life and higher education. They routinely perform well on standardized tests for professional degrees.

McNeese State University currently offers no formal Bachelor of Arts in philosophy, but does offer a Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Studies with a concentration in philosophy (BALS - Philosophy).


It is possible to add a minor in philosophy, which has the following requirements:

  • PHIL-102 Critical Thinking -or- PHIL-334 Formal Logic
  • PHIL-201 Introduction to Philosophy
  • 4 PHIL Electives


The Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Studies is currently offered through the Department of History.

The philosophy faculty met with the Dean of Liberal Arts and members of other faculty within different disciplines and have reached a tentative curriculum. The major involves 33 credits of coursework in Philosophy, including a capstone course, on top of the core requirements for the Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Studies.

We thank those students and other individuals in the College of Liberal Arts administration who were key in bringing about this extraordinary opportunity for McNeese State University Students.