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Pastiche Reviews

Pastiche Reviews

The ensemble PASTICHE, dedicated to the performance of 20th century music, features a somewhat unusual combination of instruments: clarinet, trumpet, piano, and percussion. Pastiche Don Freund's Rough and Tumble (1996) was composed specifically for Pastiche. It is in three sections, the outer sections showing a bit of jazz influence and the middle section a bit dissonant at times. The group played nicely as an ensemble and with a good deal of finesse.
In Walter Hartley's Two Dances the balance between the instruments was very good. Trumpeter David Scott was very strong in passages that call for him to support the melody line in the clarinet. He has a particular ability to play with delicacy.

In Bertold Hummel's Trio op. 92a (mvt 2) for trumpet, piano, and percussion, Scott played with energy and refinement and displaying excellent command of the instrument. The piece itself made good use of this combination of instruments and changed moods very effectively.

Three movements selected from Nico Schuyt's Quatuor de Ballet (1962) were Intrada, Incontro (featuring clarinet), and Sonata Trionfale. Frequent octaves between the clarinet and trumpet were negotiated with excellent intonation, balance, and style.

Keith Gate's Toccata from the 1997 Sonata opened with energetic, changing meters. The movement made excellent use of percussion instruments.

Paul Bowle's Music for a Farce consists of eight short movements including a tarantella, quickstep, waltz, and march.

This program was performed solidly by a fine ensemble. Characterized by precision, delicacy, and superb ensemble, Pastiche was warmly received by an... enthusiastic audience.

by Daniel Kiser / International Trumpet Guild
(ITG Journal, Vol. 23, No. 1, September, 1998)

"The response to your concert was unanimously positive, both in the level of performance and in your choice of literature!  I hope that more audiences are able to hear your group.  PASTICHE is making an important contribution to the advancement of contemporary music." - Phillip Schroeder, Ph.D.

"The concert presented by the chamber group "PASTICHE" was a highlight in the events held at the 1997 LMTA Convention.  The music presented was vibrant and entertaining with a freshness that only this unusual combination  instruments can offer." - Marietta Lanoux, LMTA President

"I certainly enjoyed hearing your quartet- it is an excellent group.  I commend you for your vision." - Susan Slaughter, St. Louis Symphony

"The spectacular musical performance by PASTICHE ranks with the best solo and ensemble concerts I have ever heard in this country.  They deserve our congratulations and our thanks for helping south Louisiana achieve positive publicity." - Norman E. Smith, Author of Band Music Notes

"As an out-of-the-way presentation of unknown music in performances  of skill, with the extra ingredient of humor along the way, this CD is worth noticing." - Basil Ramsey (for complete review click here)

"...the importance of this ensemble's recording and commissioned works should be held in high regard." Del Lyren, International Trumpet Guild

"It's sparkling, it's French and you drink it in with your ears." - Mark Alburger, 21st Century Music February 2000, Volume 7, Number 2