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E-Mail Help

E-Mail Help

If you receive an "Automatic Quota Report" you are close to exceeding the quota limit on your mail box. Each mailbox has a quota of 10MB. In order to stop the messages, we need to remove some files from your account.

Most likely, the extra mails are in your "sent-mail" folder or trash folder. You may want to delete some items in your sent folder and purge the trash folder. Once you delete them, please be sure to following the instructions to purge them.

Please do the following.

Log into the Webmail system.
Click on the Trash button on the Left Side
Then, click on "Delete All" to clear out your trash bin.

It is a good idea to do this every month or so, or when you start receiving quota messages.

If you are still having email problems, please contact the webmail administrator.