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McNeese People Briefs

McNeese People Briefs

Twila Sterling-Guillory
Dr. Twila Sterling-Guillory, McNeese assistant professor of nursing, has received her doctorate in nursing research from Southern University in Baton Rouge. Her dissertation is titled, "The Relationship of Dietary Patterns, Physical Activity, Self Perception and Health-related Quality of Life Among Normal Weight and Overweight African American Female Adolescents Living in Southwest Louisiana."

The McNeese Student Union Board was featured in a recent issue of the Student Activities Journal published by the Association for the Promotion of Campus Activities. Go to page 9 of the Journal online to see the story.

Dr. Rathnam Indurthy, professor of government at McNeese, has had an article titled "The Obama Administration's Strategy in Afghanistan: Opportunities and Impediments to Success" accepted for publication in the International Journal of World Peace.

Dr. Thomas R. Laehn, assistant professor of government at McNeese, Dr. Henry B. Sirgo, professor of political science at Dr. McNeese, and government students Ross Puckett and Emma Fontenot participated in the 2011 Meeting of the Southern Political Science Association in New Orleans.

Laehn served on the Modern Time panel and presented a paper, "Plinian Man," to the Nature and Progress in Political Philosophy panel, while Sirgo served on the Women and Comparative Politics panel, chaired the Politics and Public Administration in South Korea panel and participated on the Redistricting Louisiana: An Ugly Post-Katrina Partisan Mess panel.

Sirgo also participated in the 2011 Meeting of the American Political Science Association held in Seattle, Wash. He chaired the Local Environmental Policy and Politics panel and attended the Politics and Policy editorial board meeting.

McNeese agricultural sciences faculty members Dr. Ed Ferguson and Dr. Chip LeMieux and graduate students Devin Gandy and Brad Pousson presented research papers on sows, cattle and horses at the annual American Dairy Science Association and the American Society of Animal Science meetings in New Orleans.

Several speech and debate team members placed at the Jackrabbit Jousts Speech and Debate tournament at South Dakota State University in Brookings. Senior Zachary Locke placed third in poetry interpretation. Senior Joseph LeJuine was a semifinalist in impromptu speaking while his debate partner, freshman Morgan Authement, was a quarterfinalist in parliamentary debate.

Dr. Mark Wygoda, professor and head of the McNeese Department of Biology and Health Sciences, has co-authored two articles accepted for publication in scientific journals.

The first, "Direct Evidence of Physiological Resistance to Evaporate Water Loss in Amphibious Mudskipper (family Gobiidae) and Rockskipper (family Blennidae) Fishes from Palau Hoga, Southeast Sulawesi, Indonesia," has been published in the Journal of Experimental Marine Biology and Ecology, while the second, "Cutaneous Resistance to Evaporative Water Loss in Crab-eating Frog (Fejervarya cancrivora), will appear in the December issue of Herpetologica.