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Office of Marketing and Licensing

Office of Marketing and Licensing

Purpose And Mission Of The Marketing & Licensing Office

McNeese State University created its trademark management and licensing program to establish a foundation for promoting and protecting the use of its trademarks. Over the years, the traditions and spirit shared by the McNeese family have increased the demand for association with and products that feature the University's trademarks. The use of McNeese's trademarks extends through all facets of the University. Therefore, it has been the practice that the Office of Marketing and Licensing be overseen by a senior administrator that maintains a university-wide perspective. As such, this function is under the direction of the Office of the President. The University has contracted with Learfield Licensing Partners (Learfield) to enhance the University's efforts in this area.

Follow this link to review the university's Trademark Licensing Policy.


What is a Trademark?
A trademark (or mark) is any logo, symbol, nickname, letter(s), word, slogan, or derivative that can be associated with an organization, company, manufacturer, or institution and can be distinguished from those of other entities or competitors.

Anyone wishing to use a McNeese trademark must submit a request using the Logo Usage Approval Form. You may submit the request electronically using the link below, or you can email to request an electronic version of the form in PDF or Word format.

Who can use a McNeese Logo or Trademark?
McNeese recognizes that there are many groups that support the University. With prior approval, any officially-recognized student group or organization, University department or office and McNeese athletics offices may be able to use McNeese trademarks on certain items.

Sponsorship agreements made with businesses and other University supporters may also allow for the use of McNeese trademarks on certain items with prior approval.

Use of the McNeese trademarks by organizations that are not affiliated with the University, will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis.

Need to request a McNeese logo? Submit your request immediately using this online form: 

Request A Logo


Who Needs a License?
Licenses must be obtained for the use of any McNeese trademark, image, or photograph used on any product sold to the general public or to campus departments and organizations. In addition, promotional licenses must be obtained by companies or organizations wanting to associate with the University through any use of its trademarks.

What Types of Licenses Are Available?
We work with Learfield to protect, manage and develop the McNeese brand. The following licenses are available through Learfield.
  • Internal Campus Supplier - The Internal Campus Supplier (ICS) Agreement allows a company to produce merchandise bearing McNeese trademarks for university departments and related entities for internal consumption only. This license type is the most expeditious and least costly to pursue but there are strict limitations on distribution.
  • Local License - The Local License is for companies in the immediate in-state marketplace that do not plan distribution of their products. Local Licensees are permitted to sell product to McNeese, retailers, and directly to consumers. This license type is the next easiest type to pursue, but the costs are higher than an ICS license and geographic restrictions do exist.
  • Standard License - The Standard License is intended for companies that are capable of extensive production and retail distribution of their product(s) and/or are introducing a unique and commercially viable product to the collegiate market. This is the most challenging and expensive type of license to pursue.

McNeese also offers a Crafter's License through the University's Office of Marketing & Licensing
Crafter's License - A crafter is defined as an individual producing handcrafted items in the home with collegiate marks, and selling/distributing to individual consumers via events or direct sales. This might include events organized by church, school, county, state, craft, holiday, Junior League, street festivals, gift marts, or flea markets. In addition, no more than 500 units may be sold per year and less than $2,500 total sales per year of products bearing any McNeese logo or trademark. Sales will be permitted on a wholesale basis or to a third party retailer, but must be pre-approved by the University.
  • $100 annual administrative fee
  • Sample/design required
  • Royalties waived

Online Application for Crafter's License
You may also email to request a form by email or FAX.


Searching for a vendor that is licensed to produce a specific product using the McNeese name or logos? You can use the "Licensee Search" on the Learfield website. If you can't find the product you're looking for, please feel free to contact the McNeese Marketing & Licensing office at

Learfield Licensee Search


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