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Navigate Your Future

Navigate Your Future

by Son Mai

It has been quite some time since I have put up a post to this blog, but I had a good excuse to put it off: I wanted to wait until the campus community settled on a name and logo for the McNeese QEP!

After several months of creative thoughts, discussions, and careful enquiry by faculty, staff, students, and alumni, the process of naming and branding McNeese State University’s Quality Enhancement Plan is complete and I am proud to unveil the logo for our initiative, now entitled Navigate Your Future: Charting Success through Enhanced Advising and Career Readiness.

The initial naming process for the QEP began in September 2016 with a focus group consisting of fifteen students.  Afterwards, we shared their recommendations to faculty and alumni for refinement, which led to the conception of its present name. 

The campus community has put much thought into naming our QEP, and this is represented through several symbiotic meanings to Navigate Your Future, a title which represents all stakeholders involved: First, Lake Charles, Louisiana, home of McNeese State University, is also home to one of the busiest industrial ports in the nation and is a major employer in the region.  Additionally, the naming suggests that students play a role in controlling their own success and destiny.  Finally, the QEP’s subtitle gives homage to faculty and staff, who, as teachers and advsors, have a mission in ensuring student success.

Additionally, the McNeese Marketing and Licensing Office unveiled a fitting logo based on the name for the Navigate Your Future initiative.  These logos feature a compass pointing true north—the right direction—with the McNeese “M” logo superimposed.  This symbol suggests that a McNeese education under Navigate Your Future is a step toward the right direction.

I would like to thank (in no particular order) Anne Cobb, from the from the McNeese Office of Public Relations; Ginny Karg, from the University Office of Marketing & Licensing, Erica McCreedy (MFA Class of 2009) from the O’Carroll Group, the Student Leaders, Peerleaders, and marketing majors who took the time to meet and propose concepts in the focus group, and the QEP—ahem—Navigate Your Future Implementation Team member for their contributions.  All of these people played an integral part in the naming and branding of this initiative; without them, the end result would definitely be less than grand.