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Resume Tips

Resume Tips

Your 6 Second Advertisement

Resume facts:

On average, prospective employers spend only 6 seconds on a preliminary evaluation of each resume.

Your resume is your personal advertisement and has the tremendously important job of making a first impression on your behalf.  It does not need to tell your life story.  It does need to make an employer say, "I want to talk to this person!"  It is a teaser designed to get the interview!

Resume Do's:
  • Do check for correct spelling and punctuation.One misspelled word will cause an employer to discard your resume without a further glance.
  • Do ensure your resume is visually appealing: vertically and horizontally balanced without large white spaces.
  • Do customize your resume for each prospective employer.Examine job description for the position you are seeking and make sure the required qualifications are apparent on your resume.
  • Do include all contact information in the resume header: mailing address, phone number(s), email address.
  • Do use a business-like email address.Avoid nicknames or slogans in your email address.
  • Do make a .pdf file of your resume once it is complete.A .pdf file can be sent via email without losing any formatting characteristics.It will also open up without green and red lines as a Word document does.
  • Do use the same font in the entire body of your resume.
  • For college students seeking internships or a first professional position, do list Education before Experience.
  • Do list current and past employment in reverse chronological order, beginning with the most recent job.
  • Do use appropriate verb tense for past and present job experience. 
  • Do use action words to describe job experience and accomplishments instead of just listing job duties.
  • Do keep it to one page unless you have years of valuable experience.
  • Do make a separate page for references.
  • Do match the Reader on your resume,cover letter & reference page.

Resume Don'ts:
  • Do not use any first person pronouns anywhere on your resume:     I, my, me, mine
  • Do not include any educational information about your high school or the year you completed high school.  This is an indication of age and employers do not want age information in their applicant files.
  • Do not falsify anything!...employment dates, skills, organizations,  education…

Possible categories to consider using on your resume:
  •  Objective (If you write a cover letter, you do not need an objective on your resume)
  •  Profile/Summary of Qualifications
  •  Education
  •  Related Coursework
  •  Skills
  •  Experience
  •  Honors and Awards
  •  Volunteerism/Community Service
  •  Leadership/Organizations

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