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College of Business
Box 92140
Lake Charles,LA-70609
Ph. 337.475.5514
Fax 337.475.5010


1.   Complete this application for academic credit only after you have been selected for an internship by an employer.For an 
      application submitted after the close of date registration, please contact upon academic department for approval.

2.   Please submit the application online upon completion, but not later than the close of late registration.
3.   All questions on the application must be answered.  Incomplete applications cannot be processed. To obtain GPA calculations, please
      see department administrative assistant.         

4.   During registration, a permit will be entered for all interns who have submitted a completed application.

5.   It is the student's responsibility to register for the internship course after the permit is entered.
6.   All applications received after the close of regular registration will be processed during late registration.

7.   This completed form will be sent to your academic department to determine eligibility for academic credit.Upon approval, the
      department will enter a permit for the internship course and you will be notified to register the course online.            

Please check the College of Business internship course for which you are applying
I will not hold the University, the Department Head, the Faculty Coordinator, or any other representative of the University responsible for my not receiving credit for the course.
I understand that if I do not have all of the specific prerequisite(s) for my major as listed above for this course, I may not enroll in this course.
I understand that if I have enrolled in this course without meeting the stated prerequisites, I must drop the course; and that it is my responsibility to complete the official drop procedure.
I also understand and agree that if my Internship sponsor (employer) terminates my employment for any reason and/or I am unable to complete this course for any reason, I will voluntarily withdraw from the course
I hereby give my permission for the release of the above information, including information my references and McNeese State University may give, and for the release of my resume (if provided) to businesses participating in McNeese State University interns
As an intern, I agree to represent the McNeese State University College of Business with honor and integrity.
I have received and read the syllabus for this course. I have marked the relevant dates on my calendar. (If you have not yet received the syllabus, please request it).
I understand that I am required to work at least a total of 150 hours to earn an academic credit.
By completing this signature field I agree to the terms and conditions of this application for internship academic credit.