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Train the Trainer

Train the Trainer

Deadline to Register:  May 14, 2018
Dates: May 16-17, 2018
Meets: Wed and Thurs from 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM
Hours: 14.0
CEUs: 1.4
Location: SEED Center, McNeese State University, 4310 Ryan Street, Room 142
Fee: $795.00

LSU’s Train-the-Trainer Program is designed to introduce new and experienced trainers to fresh methods for creating and managing effective training programs that truly engage their learners. New and experienced trainers experience a strong sense of confidence in their presentation skills when equipped with proper methodology. Learn how to reduce course preparation time, accelerate learning and discover new ways to demonstrate return on investment for clients.

In today’s global business environment, trainers must be prepared to demonstrate they are able to make their programs relevant to each audience, be able to explain the rationale behind their content and include blended activities that will engage and support the learning experience. Whether you hold the position of trainer or are called upon in a leadership role to develop and deliver important training, this program provides you with the skills necessary for transfer of learning that are of critical importance to the success of the program.

Major topics to be presented include:
• Instructor Led – Participant centered training.
• Adult Learning – Why it’s different and what you must do to be effective.
• How to determine the purpose of the program.
• Preparing the lesson plan and developing course content.
• Instructional Methods – When to use which type.
• Using flipcharts, power points, technology and games.
• Learn how to transition flawlessly.
• Coaching participants through their mock train-the-trainer.

This seminar is ideal for:
• New or veteran trainers seeking to employ the latest training techniques.
• Individuals who may be called upon to lead a training initiative.
• Individuals who are responsible for leading any successful project. 

Key benefits of participation:
• Proficiency in the 7 critical steps to effective training sessions.
• Greater comfort in front of the training room.
• Increased ability to adapt and connect with the audience.
• Explore teaching across multiple generations and personality types.
• Ability to easily use a variety of tools in your training sessions.
• Learn methods to deal with difficult or trying participants.
• Greater confidence in your ability as an effective facilitator. 

Program Leader: Melinda Stallings, SPHR
Independent Business Management Consultant/Coach

Melinda Stallings, SPHR is the consummate professional whose goal is to enable greatness and leadership within individuals. From building awareness and helping individuals understand who they are and how they got to be that way to ensuring actionable items are brought back into the work environment to truly make a difference, her sessions keep an audience engaged and in the discovery mode. 

She has had the honor and privilege of being an adjunct for LSU’s Educational Outreach program for over 10 years. In this and other capacities, she has worked with Fortune 25 corporations to family owned businesses with the same intent regardless of the size; incite excellence in employees. Her motto is “live in positive possibilities” and she does.“The Power of Positive Conflict Resolution” is the first of her book series, The Power of the Positive Approach. 

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