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Unclassified Hiring Plan

Unclassified Hiring Plan

These forms are designed to be downloaded and returned to the appropriate office when completed. The forms are available in the Adobe Acrobat PDF format or the Microsoft Word DOC format and may be downloaded individually or as a complete packet.

Unclassified Hiring Plan:  DOCX File PDF PDF icon

Table of Contents (PDF)
Title Page Number(s) Hiring Plan Form
Complete Unclassified Hiring Plan (pgs 1-30) Forms 1-17
General Guidelines (pgs 2-3)
Hiring Procedures Check List (pgs 4-6)
Unclassified Position Description, Justification & Certification Forms (pgs 7-8) Form 1A
Form 1B
Justification for Position (pg 9) Form 2
Position Description (pg 10) Form 3
Committee List (pg 11) Form 4
Advertisement (pg 12) Form 5
Advertisement for Newspaper/Journal (pg 13) Form 6
Applicant Recruitment Plan (pg 14) Form 7
University List (pgs 15-16) Resource 1
Acknowledgement (pg 17) Form 8
Applicant EEO Data Form (pg 18) Form 9
Application and Interview Flowchart (pg 19) Form 10
Reference Questions (pg 20) Form 11
Interview Questions (pg 21) Form 12
Assessment and Certification of Faculty English Proficiency (pg 22) Resource 2
English Fluency Certification Form for New Instructional Faculty (pgs 23) Form 13
Letter of Intent to Employ (pg 24) Form 14
Letter of Re-Appointment (pg 25) Form 14R
Letter of Offer (pg 26) Form 15
Employee Information Form (pg 27-29) Form 16
Rejection Letter (pg 30) Form 17

McNeese State University does not discriminate with regard to age, color, disability, ethnicity, gender, gender expression, genetic information, marital status, military status, national origin, race, religion, sex, or sexual orientation in admission to or employment or participation in its education programs, services, and activities. The University has adopted the Diversity Awareness Policy to provide for prompt and equitable resolution of discrimination complaints. The Policy describes the grievance procedure for individuals who may have experienced discrimination.