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Direct Deposit Policy and Procedures

Direct Deposit Policy and Procedures

McNeese State University
Direct Deposit Policy and Procedures


To provide a secure, confidential, convenient, timely, and cost effective method for transmitting payroll related payments to employees.

Policy Coverage

All University employees, with exceptions noted below, are required to receive payroll related payments via direct deposit.

  1. Direct Deposit is not currently available for employees who are paid on the Seasonal, Temporary, Intermittent bi-weekly payroll.
  2. Student employees may participate in Direct Deposit on a voluntary basis.

This policy is implemented in accordance with LA Revised Statue 39:247.

Policy Statements

It is the employee’s responsibility to notify the Payroll Office when there is any change to their bank and/or bank account(s) that affects their direct deposit by completing a new Direct Deposit Authorization Agreement. Additionally, it is the employee’s responsibility to ensure that funds were posted via direct deposit prior to disbursing funds from their account.

Should an employee fail to notify the Payroll Office that a bank account was closed; the University will not issue a paper check until the funds are received from the banking institution.

The University is not liable for any non-returned funds that were held by the banking institution. If the funds are not returned by the banking institution due to charges owed by the employee, a paper check will not be issued.

Direct Deposit should normally be effective on the 2nd payroll cycle (2nd check) following the receipt of the Direct Deposit Authorization Agreement in the Payroll Office.

The Direct Deposit Authorization Agreement should be returned to Payroll.


All newly hired employees or re-hired employees who are required to participate in Direct Deposit must complete a Direct Deposit Authorization Agreement within ten (10) days of hire or re-hire date as a condition of employment.


Direct Deposit Authorization Agreement can be found online at under Forms/Compensation and Pay.

Created: December 17, 2009