Parent Orientation

The Smart Choice

Welcome to Parent Orientation 2023! We are excited that you will be visiting our campus and learning more about how you can best support your student during their journey to becoming a college graduate.

During parent orientation, you will discover on-campus support services available for your student, like accessibility services, tutoring, and health and counseling services. You will also learn about student financial matters, like financial aid and scholarships, tuition and fee bills, setting up installment plans and other payment options, and purchasing textbooks and supplies. You will have the opportunity to tour campus and find out more information about campus housing, meal plan options, recreational facilities and more.

When your student registers for one of the three Cowboy Camp Freshman Orientation sessions, they have the option to provide parent/ guardian contact information.

Cowboy Camp Freshman Orientation Dates (for students)

Dates / Times

  • May 31 – June 1
  • June 21 – June 22
  • July 12 – July 13

Parent Orientation Details

Dates / Times

  • May 31 (1:15 – 6:00 pm)
  • June 21 (1:15 – 6:00 pm)
  • July 12 (1:15 – 6:00 pm)

*Note: These dates coincide with students’ first day of Cowboy Camp Freshman Orientation. This allows for parents/guardians to use the second day as needed


Tritico Theatre

340 East Sale Road, Lake Charles, Louisiana 70609 (building #45 on the map) Parking is available in the parking lot located to the east of Tritico Theatre.


  • Parent Orientation is optional for parents, but participation is encouraged
  • Parents/guardians can attend any of the 3 Parent Orientation dates referenced above
  • Parent Orientation will begin immediately following the 12:30pm –1:15pm Cowboy Camp Opening Assembly with Parents and Students in Tritico Theatre
  • There is no registration required for Parent Orientation

Parent Orientation Agenda

Please check back closer to the beginning of May 2023 as we are finalizing the details for the Parent Orientation Sessions

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