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Steps in Applying-Graduate Students

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Steps in Applying-Graduate Students

Steps in Applying for Financial Assistance- Graduate Students

  1. Apply for admission at the Office of Admissions & Recruiting.
  2. Complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) in October of each year, to meet the application priority deadline of May 1.
    • To apply for financial aid each year, the student will need his/her most current federal tax return. 
    • We recommend using the IRS Data Retrieval System to help with this process.
  3. Check your email account that you provided on your FAFSA often and promptly respond to all requests from the McNeese Office of Financial Aid.
    • Applications will not be completed until all necessary forms are received.
    • Students should allow the Office of Financial Aid up to six weeks to process and complete his/her financial aid application.
    • Once this process has been completed, students will be emailed an award notification if he or she is in good academic standing.
    • View our SAP Policy for more details.
  4. Meet enrollment requirements.
    • Graduate students are eligible for student employment and loan(s) only.
    • Graduate students must be enrolled at least part-time (6 hrs) or more in graduate level courses at the time of disbursement each semester to be considered for graduate level federal student loan award.
    • Financial aid is initially awarded based on full time enrollment for the fall and spring semesters (part time for the summer semesters) and will be adjusted to your actual enrollment once enrollment is final for that term.
    • A student must be in a degree seeking or eligible certificate program and taking courses for credit hours applicable towards his/her degree to be considered for financial assistance. Please view Courses Not Eligible for Federal Assistance for more information.
    • Financial aid may be paid for repeated coursework previously taken in the program but may not include more than one repetition of a previously passed course.
    • Students enrolled in eligible certificate programs will be awarded based upon undergraduate annual and aggregate loan limits. Not all certificate programs are eligible for federal financial assistance.
  5. Must have received credentials. A student must have earned a high school diploma, GED or completed a State approved homeschool program. For more information regarding student eligibility, please click view Ability to Benefit.
  6. Transfer students with prior college work should request that their complete official transcript from each college attended be sent directly to the McNeese Office of Admissions and Recruiting.
    • Transfer students classification for federal financial aid is based on the amount of earned credits that are listed in Banner Self-Service.
    • If your transfer credits have not been reviewed and accepted your loan will be processed based on the amount of earned hours in Banner.

Log into your Banner Self Service and then click on the Student & Financial Aid link to monitor your financial aid status.