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Department of Education Professions

Department of Education Professions

Department Head: Debbie King


In general, freshman courses are numbered in the 100 series, sophomore courses in the 200 series, junior courses in the 300 series, and senior courses in the 400 series.  Note: Students interested in teacher education programs should contact the department.

Post-Baccalaureate Certificates (P.B.C.)

For students with a bachelor’s degree in an area other than education, the following programs offer initial teaching certifications:

For certified teachers, the following programs offer add-on certifications:

Graduate Studies

Graduate-only Certificate Programs

The department of Education Professions also offers Graduate Certificates (G.C.) for individuals seeking add-on endorsements. These certifications meet the prescribed coursework requirements by the Louisiana Department of Education (LDOE); however, the LDOE may have additional requirements for add-on endorsements that are not relevant to these curricula.

The Certificates offered: