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Zhuang Li, Ph.D. - Teaching Philosophy

Zhuang Li, Ph.D. - Teaching Philosophy

Born into a professor's family, becoming a teacher is always my dream from an early age. Teaching is one of the most valuable and respected jobs in the world. Both my grandfather and my father were professors. Their teaching and research career not only drove me to pursue further and wider knowledge, but also motivated my dream to provide good education to students.

My teaching philosophy is to educate the students in such a way so that they are technically and mentally ready facing the real engineering world, not only at the moment when they graduate, but at least in the next five years. This involves several issues.

First of all, I believe that teaching is not to stuff knowledge into students' heads, but to inspire their interests and stimulate their active attitude. With the help of my industrial experiences, I often connect the textbook knowledge to the real-world engineering problems. It is truly important to have a lively class environment. I would try various ways to motivate students' curiosity to the course materials, so that they can study with their free thoughts. I also encourage my students to join professional societies and to participate various sorts of activities.

Another extremely important role of a teacher is to provide good professional training to students for them to face the job market. Along with fundamental scientific principles and problem-solving skills, education should also enable the students to be committed to life-long learning activities, creativity and leadership so that they are able to develop themselves in the rest of their professional lives.

I respect all the students, but I also treat them fairly. I listen to their concerns and try to help them with 100 % support.