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Vision Statement

Civil engineers are global leaders building a better quality of life.

ASCE Mission

Provide essential value to our members and partners, advance civil engineering, and serve the public good.

ASCE Goals

  • Facilitate the advancement of technology to enhance quality, knowledge, competitiveness, sustainability, and environmental stewardship.
  • Encourage and provide the tools for lifelong learning to aid our members' continued growth throughout their careers.
  • Promote professionalism and the profession thoughout society to enhance the stature of civil engineers and to influence public policy.
  • Develop and support civil engineer leaders to broaden our members' perspectives, enhance their career growth, and promote the public interest.
  • Advocate infrastructure and environmental stewardship to protect the public health and safety and improve the quality of life.

The ASCE Student Concourse web site provides valuable information on ASCE Student Branch programs.

2014-2015 ASCE Student Chapter Officers
Office  Name Email


Jessica Trahan


Evan Geerts


Claire Barrilleaux


Shalin Townsend

2014 ASCE Deep South Region's Student Conference
Memphis, Tennessee