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campus is closed until Friday, Sept. 18

campus is closed until Friday, Sept. 18

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Campus Status: Closed for debris removal, remediation and building restoration

COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Academic Guidelines for Spring 2020

Information and Updates

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From: | Posted: 03/31/2020

The grading policy for the Spring 2020 semester has been revised to provide greater leniency for course withdrawals and approving course incompletes to accommodate hardships created by moving to a completely online format this semester.

COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Academic Guidelines for Spring 2020

The Coronavirus has created unprecedented challenges and some of our students may have extenuating circumstances that preclude them from achieving their optimal academic performance. The following guidelines have been developed to give maximum flexibility to both faculty and students.

It is imperative that academic advisors work with students to determine the best individual course of action for each student in order to avoid serious long-term adverse implications or unintended consequences that may affect TOPS, federal financial aid, academic scholarships and honors, athletic eligibility, and admission to graduate or professional schools.

Course Withdrawal

1) Fees associated with course withdrawal or resigning from the University will be waived for the Spring 2020 semester.

2) The regular drop date will remain April 30.

3) Retroactive Withdrawal – For the Spring 2020 Semester Only

Faculty will post final letter grades of A, B, C, D, or W. Once final grades are posted, students will have the option to request to withdraw from any course, or to change a grade of W to a grade of F without penalty. The deadline to file this request is May 13 for graduating seniors and May 15 for all other students. This decision is non-reversible.

4) Students withdrawing from any class/classes or resigning from the University between March 13 and May 15 will have W grades on their transcript denoted with a transcript comment indicating this action was a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Incomplete Grade

Faculty will permit students to take an incomplete without requiring extensive justification and give students until the end of the Fall 2020 semester to complete coursework. Students should work with faculty to allow them to attend class sessions or labs or other study sessions as needed to refresh their knowledge and prepare for end of the semester exams without re-enrolling in the class.

Please note that a W or an Incomplete, while not lowering their GPA, could still affect students’ TOPS and/or financial aid eligibility.  We recommend that students check with Student Central (337-475-5065 or to determine their best course of action in those circumstances. Staff in the offices of financial aid, scholarships, registrar, international programs and freshman advising are available during regular business hours.

Deans in colleges that require student teaching, observation hours, clinicals, internships, labs and other academic requirements will be providing students specific instructions on how those requirements will be met.


We will have an on-campus commencement ceremony in early August. Students who complete graduation requirements during the spring or summer term will participate in this ceremony. Discussions are ongoing about some form of a virtual ceremony on May 16.

Spring Break

Governor John Bel Edwards has extended the “Stay at Home” order through April 30. Our spring break is still scheduled for April 10-17 and we will use this time to “catch up” before finals.