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Campus Status: Closed until Thursday May 20th


Campus Update and Technology Links

Posted By: McNeese Public Relations

We continue to have issues with portal access.  IT technicians are working to resolve the problem as soon as possible. Here are alternative links. Use your McNeese login and password with these alternative links.


Link to Moodle:

Link to Banner:

Link to Email:


These links work for faculty and students.


14th Class Day

Faculty are verifying attendance and completing attendance reports in order to begin the financial aid disbursement process.

We understand that some students continue to experience issues with Internet connectivity. Below is a list of college deans and department heads. Students should try to email their instructors and work through assignment extensions and makeup exams.

Students can also reach out to college deans and department heads with questions and concerns.


College of Agriculture

Dr. Chip Lemieux, Dean


Tom Shields, Int. Dept. Head


College of Business

Dr. Wade Rousse, Dean


Dr. Lonnie Phelps, Interim Assoc. Dean


College of Education

Dr. Angel Ogea, Dean


Education Professions

Dr. Cortney Denman, Co-Dept Chair


Kathleen Williams, Int. Dept. Head



Mike Soileau, Dept. Head


College of Liberal Arts

Dr. Michael Buckles, Dean


Department of English

Dr. Keagan Lejeune, Dept. Head


Rita Costello, Asst. Dept. Head


Scott Goins, Director of Honors College



Michael Smith, Dept Head


Interdisciplinary Studies

Jodi Willis, Dept. Head


Mass Communication

Tracy Standley, Dept Head


Performing Arts

Lonny Benoit, Dept. Head


Social Sciences

Gregory Clark, Dept. Head


Visual Arts

Lynn Reynolds, Dept. Head


College of Nursing

Dr. Peggy Wolfe, Dean


Graduate Nursing

Tari Dilks, Co-Coordinator


Ann Warner, Co-Coordinator



Dena Matzenbacher, Dept. Head


Kevin Yaudes, Asst. Dept. Head


Radiology & Med Lab

Greg Bradley, Dept. Head


Susie Beasley, Clinical Coordinator


Jennifer Bushnell, Director of MLS Program


Undergraduate Nursing

Amy Bufford, Coordinator/Hlth Sys Mgt


Rhonda Johnson, Dept. Head


Becky Riley, Coordinator RN/BSN


College of SEM

Dr. Tim Hall, Dean


Dr. John Griffith, Associate Dean



Dr. William Dees, Dept. Chair


Kathy Jackson, Asst. Dept. Head


Chemistry and Physics

Steven Stinnett, Dept. Chair


Engineering & Comp Science

Srinivasan Ambatipati, Coordinator


Dimitrios Dermisis, Coordinator


Brent Garner, Coordinator


Zhuang Li, Coordinator


Mathematical Sciences

Karen Aucoin, Dept. Head


Darren Alcock, Asst. Dept Head


Lyle Hardee, Asst. Dept Head


Dore School of Graduate Studies

Eddie Lyons


Student Central

Student Central is open Monday-Thursday from 7:30 a.m.-5 p.m. and Friday from 7:30 a.m.-11:30 a.m. to answer questions about financial aid, transcripts, TOPS, and other enrollment-related questions. Email or call 337-475-5065.