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Economics: Wants and Needs

Posted: 05/11/2020 | By: Brianna F. |

Is it a want or a need? This interactive lesson will help students to determine just that! They will identify items as wants or needs as well as justification for their choice. They will then use their knowledge gained from the lesson to apply to a real world situation.

Resources and References

Needs and Wants PowerPoint Presentation

“Those Shoes” by Maribeth Boelts from OBKidz

The following link takes you to a video where a short story is read aloud. This story goes into detail covering wants and needs on a young child’s comprehension level.
“Needs and Wants” by Jordan Fujioka from English-Reading Az

The following link takes you to a fun animated story that helps to connect the idea of wants and needs to more real world settings for kids.
Cartoon for Kids!! Needs and Wants from Cartoons time

The following link is a short video with fun animations to further the concept of prioritizing wants and needs.
Needs versus Wants from Get Wise|ASB

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