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Graduate Assistantship Interest Form

Graduate Assistantship Interest Form

A limited number of graduate assistantships (part-time student worker appointments for graduate students only) are available each semester in both academic colleges and administrative offices across campus. Each campus unit (office, department, college, etc.) employing a graduate assistant has the right to vet potential graduate assistants and hire those who have the necessary credentials or who are otherwise most suited for the assistantships available.

If you are interested in a graduate assistantship, please complete this form. Based on your responses, your interest will be forwarded to the appropriate campus units, and someone will contact you if an opportunity arises for which you have expressed an interest and for which you seem well-suited.

Before proceeding, you must acknowledge the following:

I understand that by submitting this interest form I am indicating my interest in working as a graduate assistant. I further understand that in no way does submitting this form guarantee me employment as a graduate assistant.

Please type your full name (first, middle/maiden, last) below. This serves as your digital signature indicating that you understand the stipulations described in the preceding paragraph.