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There's an APP for that!

There's an APP for that!

Apps for mental health
breath 2 relax app
App: Breathe 2 relax
What is it? A stress management tool to teach breathing exercises
Price: free
Devices: Apple and Android
eCBT app
App: eCBT calm
What is it? learn relaxation skills to reduce stress/anxiety
Price: $0.99
Devices: Apple
optimism app

App: Optimism
What is it? Chart your mood to idenitfy triggers and coping skills for managing various mood states.
Price: Free
Devices: Apple
t2 mood tracker app

App: T2 Mood Tracker
What is it? Rate yourself on six categories including anxiety, depression, and general wellbeing. Create custom scales to cover your pain.
Price: free
Devices: Apple and Android devices
istudiespro app icon

App: istudies lite/ istudiezpro
What is it? calendar, schedule planner, grades tracker, assignments manager, etc.
Price: free for lite/ $2.99 for pro version
Devices: Apple 
relax melodies app

App: relax melodies
What is it? sounds and melodies that can be used to help relax you to sleep.
Price: free
Devices: Apple and Android devices
cbti coach app icon

App: CBT-i coach
What is it? tool for insomnia and developing better sleep routine. Also has several guided relaxations.
Price: free
Devices: Apple and Android devices