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Practicum/Internship Opportunities

Practicum/Internship Opportunities

The Counseling Center offers placement opportunities for students in the practicum or internship portion of a graduate degree in counseling. We generally have two graduate assistantship positions available for McNeese students--these positions involve providing clinical counseling services to enrolled students. Once the graduate assistantships are assigned, we may also take on volunteer (nonpaid) placements, if space allows. 

Here is a job description for practicum/internship students in our office:

Graduate Assistant
(Counseling Practicum/Internship student)
McNeese State University Counseling Center
This position reports directly to the Director of the McNeese State University Counseling Center.
Minimum qualifications for this position include: a bachelor's degree, active pursuit of a master's degree in counseling, counseling psychology, or its equivalent, and active registration in practicum or internship classes (688, 698) during the semesters in which the Graduate Assistantship is awarded.

Essential Functions:
  • Provide individual counseling for McNeese students.
  • Provide couples, family, and group counseling as needed.
  • Participate in a minimum of one hour of individual supervision with site supervisor per week.
  • Participate in weekly scheduled group clinical staff meetings (usually two hours, once per week).
  • Maintain records of all counseling activities in accordance with prudent professional practice, and within the scope outlined in the departmental policy and procedure manual. 
  • Read thoroughly and have an informed understanding of the Policy and Procedure Manual of the Counseling Center. Consult with your site supervisor when in doubt.
  • Read thoroughly and have an informed understanding of ethical issues, including confidentiality, as per the ACA Code of Ethics, and the Louisiana LPC Board's Code of Conduct.  Consult with your site supervisor, or other on-site professional staff when in doubt.
  • Participate in classroom presentations and outreach events on counseling center services and related mental health topics as requested.
  • Perform any other duties at the discretion of the Director. 

Those interested in applying may send a cover letter and resume to:

Raime Thibodeaux, Director of Counseling and Health Services