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Learning Outcomes

Learning Outcomes

The Counseling Center upholds the following learning outcomes for students who receive services through our office:

  • Promote use of healthy, effective coping skills to manage life stressors.
  • Improve students' interpersonal relationships through effective communication and assertiveness skills.
  • Promote students' level of self-understanding and sense of identity.
  • Help students to remove personal and emotional obstacles that might otherwise have a negative effect on their academic performance and/or retention.
During each fall and spring semester, students are given Client Satisfaction surveys to complete anonymously. These surveys contain items related to learning outcomes.  Below is a chart summarizing results from 2012-2013 for students attending 4 or more sessions who completed the survey:

Learning Outcomes Results 2012-2013
Learning Outcome Yes No Not Applicable
I learned to think more clearly/accurately to reduce distressing emotions or behaviors. 92% 4% 4%
I gained a greater understanding or clearer sense of identity. 82% 4% 14%
I live a healthier lifestyle in at least one area.
(e.g. more sleep, exercise more, eat better, or use less alcohol, etc.)
78% 2% 20%
I improved my relationship with another person. 76% 8% 16%
I increased my ability to recognize, label, and appropriately express my emotions. 88% 2% 10%
I increased my understanding and appreciation of human differences. (e.g. personalities, ethnicities, sexualities) 68% 4% 28%
My academic performance has improved. 60% 12% 28%
I am more likely to stay enrolled and continue my studies at McNeese. 82% 0% 18%

Coinciding with a change in Directorship for the Counseling Center in Fall 2012, this was the first year that this level of data was obtained. Our office is looking to continue to obtain this type of data and compare it year after year as a means to guide assessment efforts, indicators of progress in service provision, and inform changes needed in order to enhance student learning and retention in the best possible way.