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Job Scam

Job Scam

There have been several attempts from criminals trying to scam students through job postings or email recruiting.

Please be advised that no one from the Career Center will ever give an employer your email or contact information without directly getting your permission. If you are contacted, via email or phone, by someone claiming to have gotten your infomation from the Career Center, contact the center immediately. 

Also, be advised that there have been fraudulent employer accounts created on Cowboy Job Link with the purpose of getting contact information from students for scamming. The Career Center works to delete these accounts and prevent new accounts from being uploaded. 

The scammers that we have encountered have contacted students about potential job opportunities. They then attempt to get student's personal addresses, send them checks or money orders, ask them to cash the checks/money orders, take a portion of the cash, and then forward the money elsewhere. The check cashed by the student is then bounced, and the student is held responsible for the loss. 

If you encounter a situation where you have reason to believe a scam is taking or has taken place, contact University Police, 337-475-5711, and the Career Center, 337-475-5612.