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Skype Interview Tips

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  • Look at the camera, not the screen, and do not look at the inset picture of yourself on the screen.
    • ​Also, position the camera a short distance from you so that you are viewed from the waist up. 
  • Dress to impress: Dress completely, not just from the waist up.
    • ​This helps with mental preparation and it avoids any unnecessary embarrassment should you need to stand up for any reason during the interview.
  • Tips for attire: Just as in a face-to-face interview, keep it basic and conservative.
  • Practice: Be sure to practice with a friend or family member prior to the interview.
    • ​Practice the way you look, the way you speak, the way you sit. Observe and remember your best angle. 
  • Use professional username and profile picture: The recruiter or hiring committee will likely pull up your profile in advance of the interview.
  • Remember to smile: Be aware of your facial expressions.
    • ​Sit up straight and smile while appearing relaxed. 
  • Prepare your surroundings: While preparing, place short reminder notes on the wall behind your monitor that are visible to you while interviewing. 
    • ​Make sure your background is neat and uncluttered. 
  • Address tech problems immediately: Test your equipment well in advance of the interview to give yourself time to make necessary adjustments.  
  • Wear earphones: It is a good idea to wear earphones to eliminate background noise and to ensure that you can hear the interviewer(s).
    • ​Tuck the wires behind your ears and run the cord down your backside, or just use wireless!
    • Do not put your ear closer to the mic to when you have difficulty hearing. No one wants to look inside your ear!