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2009 Distinguished Faculty Award for Outstanding Service

2009 Distinguished Faculty Award for Outstanding Service

Deadline for departmental no mination letter to be received by the Alumni Office:
March 13, 2009

Deadline for nominee's portfolio to be received by the Alumni Office:
March 30, 2009


Recognizes a faculty member who contributes his/her professional talents and expertise to support the public service mission of the University. Their service goes above and bey ond that expected as par t of their faculty duties. Service can be to the department, the college, the university, and to the community (local, state, and national). This is demonstrated by providing the benefits of their expertise to comm unity organizations; making public professional appearances or performances; consulting with gover nmental agencies, business industries, educational systems, community service or arts organizations; participating in the recruitment and professional placement of students; and serving as an officer or committee member in organizations related to their area of professional expertise. Areas not considered for this award include serv ice on university committees and consulting on a regular basis for pay.


The recipient receives a $1,500 cash award (no taxes or retirement needs to be paid from this aw ard) along with a non-monetary gift. The recipient is recognized during the spring Commencement Service.


All full-time tenured or tenure-track fa culty who have taught at McNeese for a minimum of three years. Faculty who have an admin istrative appointment below the level of dean/library director are also eligible. Anyone who has been previously nominated and has not received the Distingui shed Faculty award is eligible to be nominated again.


  • A nominee should demonstrate that his or her service has had a significant positive impact on the community and/or the University.
  • They should also show the scope of their service activities. There should be evidence of a pattern of service over time as well as evidence of recent and or/current service contributions.
  • Accomplishments being reviewed should be those which have occurred while the nominee was employed at McNeese.


  1. Each academic department shall devise its own method for selecting a nominee.
  2. Nominating letter: The department head must write a letter (no more than 2 pages) which presents a clear and persuasive case for the nomination. This letter is to be submitted to the Alumni Office im mediately following the nomination and no later than March 13th . This letter should be as complete as possible, amplifying what qualifications t he nominee has for the award. This will serve as the official notice of the nominee's selection.

  3. The nominee must then put together a Portfolio (see below) and submit it to the Alumni Office by the deadline date of Monday, March 30th.
  4. The Vice-President of Academics will then appoint the selection committee with input from the Deans. A representative from each College, the Library and the Alumni Association will serve on this committee. The committee will be chaired by the Alumni representative.
  5. The committee shall review the credentials of the candidates and rank them independently of one another. The committee shall then meet as a whole and select the recipient.
  6. The recipient's name will be forwarded to the President of the University who, if he concurs, will contact the recipient and announce his/her selection.


  1. A one to three page service vitae.
  2. A written philosophy of service prepared by the nominee.
  3. The letter from the head of the department (this recommendation must be sent to the Alumni Office upon your nomination so that we can begin the review process - please check to see that your department head forwarded this in a timely manner).
  4. No more than two support letters that provide a clear description of the nominee's service contributions.