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Below is a brief explanation of how faculty and students may use ProctorU for proctored exams.

For Instructors

  1. Start by visiting

  2. The test or exam MUST be submitted at least five business days before students will be logging onto the site to schedule appointments. Ideally instructors should login to ProctorU and submit tests/exams several weeks prior to the date(s) of the exam.

  3. Instructors should keep in mind that exams must be administered on Moodle. Exams should have multiple choice with randomized questions. You may have your tests available to take over a variety of days, but limit each student's exam time frame to a specific time for each exam.

  4. How to Reset a Test during an exam File

For Students

  1. Start by visiting the ProctorU Student Portal

  2. A webcam is required in order to participate in ProctorU exams.

    1. One hour exams: $17.50
    2. Two hour exams: $22.50

    ProctureU Price Table

Students must pay by credit card.

Login to ProctorU to see the available test times as scheduled by your instructor. Choose the time that works best for you and schedule an appointment to take the exam.

To avoid an additional $5.00 fee, students should schedule exams 5 days prior to taking the test.