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2010-2011 Standing Subcommittee

2010-2011 Standing Subcommittee

Structure and Responsibilities

McNeese State University Athletics Advisory Committee


  1. Governance and Rules Compliance
    Mission and goals of the athletics program; institutional controls and lines of authority; rules compliance; conference authority; relationship with booster organizations.
  2. Academic Integrity
    Admission requirements; APR issues; academic expectations; graduation rates and expectations; sport's schedules; academic support system; participation eligibility process.
  3. Equity, Student-Athlete Welfare and Sportsmanship
    Equity issues; minority issues; hiring policies; sportsmanship education; grievance processes; health issues; exit interview results.

Standing Committee Appointments

  1. Governance and Compliance: Sid Bradley, John Griffith, Cheryl Northam, Inga Efimenko
  2. Academic Integrity: Gregory Clark, Lori Groves, James Watts, Justin Landry, Daryl Burkel.
  3. Equity, Student-Athlete Well-Being, and Sportsmanship: Derek Blakeley, Gwen Duhon-Owens, Joyce Patterson, Jimmy Pitre.