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ACT Compass Test

ACT Compass Test

The Compass is a computer-adaptive college placement test in Writing Skills and Mathematics. McNeese used these scores in addition ACT and SAT scores to place students in appropriate courses.

Compass testing is conducted Monday through Friday between 9:00 am and 3:00 pm. Please use our online scheduling link at the left to schedule your session.

Test Preparation
Students can review for the ACT Compass test using the sample test questions available on the ACT website.

Compass Writing Skills Sample Test Questions

Compass Mathematics Sample Test Questions 
  • Algebra items begin on page 10 of the document
Retest Policy
Retesting is appropriate when there is reason to believe that a score obtained from previous testing does not accurately reflect the examinee's true level of knowledge or skill. Typically, retesting is appropriate in two situations: (1) when factors other than the examinee's ability are believed to have influenced the previous testing and (2) when the scores obtained from earlier testing are no longer believed to reflect the student's current ability. 
Retest timeline guidelines
  1. Under no circumstances should a retest be given on the same day as the original test.
  2. An examinee may sit for no more than three COMPASS/ESL tests in a 30-day period. 
Remote Testing
Students not able to test in the McNeese Testing Center may test in an approved Compass 5.0 testing center. 

To request a Compass remote testing session, email with your McNeese ID number, the approved testing center name and location, and the date you want to take the test. You will recieve an email the next business day with your remote testing code and any special instructions.

Students are responsible for any remote site testing fees. Scores generated at another institution will not be accepted without completing the remote testing request process.

Calculator Use
Students are allowed to use a calculator on the ACT Compass at McNeese State University. Calculators are not provided and must comply with the Calculator Guidelines established by ACT Compass.