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Request for TASC Proposals Guidelines

Request for TASC Proposals Guidelines

Expenditures will only be for projects that directly affect students and their learning.
  • Faculty must submit proposals through the dean of their college.
  • Staff in non-academic units must submit proposals through appropriate channels.
  • Students may submit proposals either through the dean of their college or through the president of the Student Government.
  • Proposals must be delivered to the chief information technology officer.

Proposals should include

  1. The proposer's name, MSU address, telephone number, and e-mail address.
  2. A concise statement of what is being requested.
  3. The location where the items will be used.
  4. If needed, a completed checklist of electrical/HVAC installation requirements and/or ADA compliance by facilities.
  5. If needed, a completed checklist of network installation requirements by Network Services.
  6. A clear statement of how the proposal directly affects students and their learning.
  7. An estimate of the number of students that will be served.
  8. When possible, a preliminary or estimated budget.
  9. Please allow at least 1.5% of the total to account for shipping and handling charges.
    • Example: $50,000 x 1.5% = $750.00
  10. Approval by the proposer's dean for faculty, or appropriate supervisor for non-academic staff must also be included.
There are some sample proposals included to help you in the preparation of your proposal. DOC

Some principles TASC will use in ranking projects include

  • All projects funded from the student technology fee must directly affect students.
  • TASC will give greater priority to projects that affect greater numbers of students.
  • Both capital and recurring costs can be included in proposals, but proposals with a high proportion of recurring costs are discouraged.
  • Projects that serve as cost sharing or provide matching funds for bigger projects are encouraged.
  • Proposals that fit within the existing university infrastructure and (for those proposals needing such approval) submitted with properly signed TASC proposal checklists will be given priority.

Please direct questions to:

Bobby McLean , Coordinator of TASC Operations, at 475-5995 or