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Original Focus Areas

Original Focus Areas

Focus Area 1 - Student Computing Laboratories

  • Upgrade on at least a three-year recurring basis to state-of-the-art hardware and equipment in all open-access laboratories.
  • Add an additional open-access computing lab in the pool hall room of the Old Ranch.
    • This computing lab is to be open for extended operating hours or 24-hours daily.
  • Possibly add additional open-access laboratories (e.g. in the dormitory area).
  • Provide computer equipment in open-access laboratories in compliance with the American Disabilities Act.
  • Expand general and technical staffing in all open-access laboratories with a possible 24-hour lab.
  • Provide and maintain the latest versions of campus-wide standard software for open-access labs and for departmental labs.
  • Provide virus protection for both open-access and departmental labs.
  • Provide the latest operating systems for open-access and departmental labs.
  • Provide connectivity software for both open-access and departmental labs.
  • Develop a plan (e.g. on a prioritized rotating semester basis) for subsidizing, supporting and servicing departmental labs with hardware and software upgrades.
  • Colleges requesting equipment will submit annual proposals to the dean of information and technology for specific improvements to the college.
    • Student initiative and/or participation in the proposal process is required.

Focus Area 2 - Network Access and Electronic Services

  • Provide all full-time students with free internet access.
  • Improve remote access to the network services from off campus and dormitory rooms by adding and upgrading modems and phone lines.
  • Completing of the basic fiber optic backbone for networking the campus academic buildings including the student union, dormitories, and the library.
  • Development of a campus wide intranet to provide custom student services via the network and web including on-line student registration, financial aid applications, and campus-area vendor services.
  • Integration of the campus-wide network and the telephone system including upgrading of telephone services to include call waiting, caller-ID, voice-mail, and fax.
  • Provide central management and operation of servers and clusters for the campus-wide network.
  • Implement software solutions to provide the campus with increased automated support capabilities.

Focus Area 3 - Instructional Technology and Curriculum Support

  • Enhance and update computer-assisted instruction for all open labs especially in core areas of study.
  • Assist colleges and departments in developing learning studios for computer-based classrooms.
    • Studios could include technological capabilities such as shared document revision- "whiteboard" interaction- desktop teleconferencing; and video and e-mail communication.
  • Enhance classroom presentations with additional multi-media equipment, and data visualization tools.
  • Promote distance learning with the latest video-conferencing equipment.
  • Provide students with on-line access to library resources, and library databases.
  • Support audio, video, multimedia and courseware development production, and deployment.
  • Develop technology-supported programs for student-faculty interaction, student study group work; student leadership development; and mentoring programs.

Prohibited Purchases under the Student Technology Assessment:

  • Equipment and supplies not accessible for general student use, especially purchase of administrative equipment
  • General office supplies and furniture
  • Personnel recruiting expenses
  • Travel (including vehicle rental)