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"Students Performing with Untiring Rowdy Spirit"

The SPURS program supplements out-of-state fee costs for McNeese students, while enhancing school spirit and pride through the campus involvement of SPURS members.
The purposes of SPURS are:
·         to promote student participation at campus activities and athletic events
·         to provide student leadership opportunities
·         to promote campus spirit through performance at athletic events
·         to be goodwill ambassadors for the athletic department and the University
  • Must be in good academic and discipline standing with the University
  • GPA: 2.5 or higher overall
  • Enrollment: Must be enrolled in no less than 12 credit hours
  • Complete the SPURS application
  • Participate in an interview upon request
Once accepted into the program through an application process, SPURS students are required to attend a minimum number of athletic competitions, student life programs, and SPURS meetings to remain in compliance.  Each semester the schedule of approved SPURS activities will be generated by the Student Union & Activities Office.
Application Files

Attendance Verification
At each approved SPURS program, a campus officail is present to verify attendance.  In order to receive credit for attending a program, students must be present for the entirety of the program and sign out upon dismissal.  Those not following these instructions will not receive credit.
If a SPURS student is deemed non-compliant due to not fulfilling the program attendance requirements or other stipulated criteria, they must be granted an appeal to remain in the program.
  • If you have questions regarding your SPURS application or active status, contact the Office of Scholarships at 337-475-5140 or email
  • You can contact the Student Union & Activities Office with any questions or concerns you may have regarding SPURS Activities: 337-475-5609 or