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Religious Studies Program

Religious Studies

Religion is ubiquitous in all human cultures, past and present. It is a fundamental aspect of culture from which humans can draw their norms of behavior, morals, and ideas of right and wrong. In fact, modern commentators have suggested that it isn't possible to truly appreciate history or current geopolitics without an understanding of religion. The study of religion, therefore, is a major importance in this modern age of globalization if we are to understand other cultures as well as our own.

The department offers several courses that are required, or are listed as electives, for the Religious Studies Concentrations in the Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Studies and the Associate of Arts in General Studies programs. These courses include "Introduction to the Study of Religion," "World Religions," "Anthropology of Religion," "Geography of Religion," "Philosophy of Religion," and "Sociology of Religion" among others. The courses are taught by Jamie Whelan, Todd Furman, and Billy Turner. The Liberal Studies and General Studies programs provide good bases for students considering entering seminary.