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Jamie Whelan, PhD

Jamie Whelan, PhD

Dr. Jamie WhelanDr. Jamie Whelan

Office: 107-A Kaufman Hall
337-475-5171 (phone)
337-475-5973 (fax)

Dr. Whelan earned both is BA and MA in anthropology from San Francisco State University.  Addiitonally, his MA program had an emphasis in archaeology. He has done various kinds of archaeological fieldwork in several different regions of North America, with his initial experience in the excavation of several sites on the East side of San Francisco Bay. He also did survey work in Placer County in the Sierra Nevada Mountains of northern California. He was also involved in archaeological excavations and survey work in Manitoba, Canada, in northern Minnesota, in Alberta, Canada, in Louisiana, and in east Texas. His main interest in archaeological research has always been mankind's use of non-domestic animals.

After completing his MA, he took a few years off to work and teach. Prior to returning to school full time, he took graduate courses in anthropology and geology at the University of Alberta in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, completing his PhD in geography at Louisiana State University.  Prior to his appointment at McNeese, he taught at several universities in Canada, including: The University of Winnipeg (Manitoba), The University of Manitoba, The University of Lethbridge (Alberta), and The University of Alberta. He taught both anthropology and geography at Medicine Hat College (Alberta), and geography at Louisiana State University, Southeastern Louisiana University, Xavier University, and The University of New Orleans.

Dr. Whelan teaches Cultural Anthropology, Physical Anthropology: Origins of Mankind and Culture, Archaeology/Prehistory: Origins of Society, World Regional Geography, World Regional Geography, Introduction to Geography, Geography of Louisiana, Study of Religion, World Religions, Selected Topics in Anthropology, The Native Americans, North American Prehistory, Anthropology of Religion, Louisiana Indians from Prehistoric to Modern Times, Selected Topics in Geography, Geography of Religion, Asia: A Regional Geography, and Regional Geography of Sub-Saharan Africa.