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Fall 2014 Final Exam Schedule

Fall 2014 Final Exam Schedule

To determine the time of the final for a class, locate on the chart the class time which coincides with the day and hour of the class. Then, read the left column for the date of the final and the entry at the top of the chart for the time of the final.
Final Exam Schedule
December 4
R 16:00-18:55
TR 17:30-18:50
R 17:30-20:25
R 19:00-21:55
TR 19:00-20:20
December 5
MWF 11:15-12:10
TR 12:30-13:50
TR 15:30-16:50
W 16:00-18:55
MW 16:00-17:20
W 17:30-20:25
W 19:00-21:55
December 6
MWF 10:10-11:05
TR 09:30-10:50
MWF 14:30-15:25
MW 14:55-16:15
December 8
MWF 09:05-10:00
TR 08:00-09:20
MWF 13:25-14:20
MW 13:25-14:45
M 16:00-18:55
MW 17:30-18:50
M 17:30-20:25
M 19:00-21:55
MW 19:00-20:20
December 9
MWF 08:00-08:55
TR 11:00-12:20
MW 15:35-16:30
T 16:00-18:55
TR 16:00-17:20
T 17:30-20:25
T 19:00-21:55
December 10
MWF 12:20-13:15
TR 14:00-15:20

  • Examinations are grouped by the beginning hour and the first day that the class meets.  (Example:  Finals for classes that meet 13:00-14:15 are grouped with 13:00-13:50 classes.)

  • If final examinations for classes not conforming to the regular schedule conflict with other examinations, those classes may have examinations at the last regularly scheduled class meeting.  Students should inform their instructor at the beginning of the semester of any conflicts in their examination schedule. Final exams for 7:00 a.m. classes should be held at the last regularly scheduled class meeting.

  • The Office of the Registrar does not give out the dates or times of finals over the phone.
  • Fall Session 4A finals are scheduled August 29, Fall Session 4B finals are scheduled for September 30, Fall Session 4C finals are scheduled for October 31, Fall Session 4D finals are scheduled for December 5,  Fall Session 7A finals are scheduled for October 14, and Fall Session 7B finals are scheduled for December 9.
  • Grades will be available December 17 through the Banner Self-Service link on the McNeese State University web site.