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Mission and Goals

Mission and Goals

The program in Radiologic Sciences at McNeese State University offers a Bachelor of Science degree which prepares students for the health care profession as competent radiographers. In addition, the program prepares students for career opportunities in Mammography, Computed Tomography, Magnetic Resonance Imaging, Bone Densitometry, Vascular Intervention, Quality Management, and Departmental Management. The program integrates learning and clinical environments to promote advanced professional development.

The program mission aligns with the University mission to cultivate skills for critical thinking, effective expression and gaining an understanding of global community.

The program goals are:
  1. To provide an education that promotes clinical competency.
    • SLO* -1.1 Students will be able to demonstrate radiographic positioning skills accurately
    • SLO* -1.2 Students will provide patient care and comfort to patients while performing radiographic procedures
    • SLO*- 1.3 Students will be able to apply the principles of radiation protection for the patient, self and others.
  2. To foster critical thinking skills enabling effective problem solving in the professional environment.
    • SLO* -2.1 Students produce radiographic images demonstrating proper selection of exposure and technical factors,
    • SLO* -2.2. Students will evaluate finished radiographic images, for proper: anatomy visualized, positioning, and exposure factors
  3. Apply effective communication skills in the professional environment
    • SLO* -3.1 Student will be able to communicate with their patients while implementing the radiography process
    • SLO* -3.2 Students will be able to communicate effectively with clinical staff and peers.
  4. To promote professionalism in radiologic sciences.
    • SLO* -4.1 The student will maintain appropriate conversation with and in the presence of patients
    • SLO* -4.2 The student will demonstrate professional ethics while at the assigned Clinical Education Setting

*SLO - Student Learning Outcome