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Undergraduate Programs

Undergraduate Programs

Bachelor of Science in Psychology

The Department of Psychology offers a major in Psychology leading to the Bachelor of Science degree. Students majoring in Psychology may take a minor in the College of Liberal Arts or in the College of Science and Agriculture; or they may fulfill their elective requirements with 15 hours of courses in an academic discipline or field, which must be approved by their academic advisor. In selecting electives, a student must take into consideration the degree requirements which state that at least 40 semester hours must be earned in courses numbered above 300, and at least 12 must be in the major subject. Also, students may not present a grade below "C" in their major field. In general, freshman courses are numbered in the 100 series; sophomore courses in the 200; junior courses in the 300; and senior courses in the 400. Courses in the 500 and 600 series are open to graduate students only. See your advisor regarding graduation requirements.

For two consecutive years, our students have scored 1 standard deviation above the mean on the National Field Test in Psychology.


The Department of Psychology offers a minor in Psychology. Requirements for a minor are Psychology 101 and an additional 15 hours in Psychology, 12 of which must be chosen from courses numbered 300 and above.

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