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General/Experimental Psychology

General/Experimental Psychology

McNeese State University's Master of Arts in Psychology program with a concentration in General Experimental Psychology prepares master's level graduates for advanced study in psychology at the Ph.D. level. Students use this program to enhance their competitive applications for doctoral programs through coursework in experimental design including, group and single-subject methodology, statistical analysis, and semi-independent research. Students are required to complete 24 credit hours in the core curriculum and 15 credit hours of General Experimental concentration classes for a total of 39 credit hours. This is a thesis program that requires a research-based thesis.

Required Coursework

View the Online Catalog for requirements.

Course Sequence

Fall 1

  • PSYC 603
  • PSYC 617
  • PSYC 571 or 621

Summer 1

  • PSYC 639

Spring 1

  • PSYC 620
  • PSYC 622
  • PSYC 571 or 621

Fall 2

  • PSYC 685
  • STAT 563
  • PSYC 699

Spring 2

  • PSYC 626
  • PSYC/STAT elective
  • PSYC 699

Career Opportunities

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