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Experimental Lab

Experimental Lab

Psychology is the Science of Behavior!

The Department of Psychology at McNeese State University has had an operant-conditioning rat lab associated with the PSYC 305: Psychology of Learning and PSYC 399: Special Problems in Psychology courses since 2002. The facility is currently supervised by Dr. Cam L. Melville.

The Psychology 305 and Psychology 399 courses enable students to work directly with the behavior of living organisms.

PSYC 305: Psychology of Learning students examine the basic principles of learning and behavior.

PSYC 399: Special Problems in Psychology students work as laboratory assistants on research designed to develop animal models of addiction among other research topics.

Two Students in Experimental Lab Student Observing in Experimental Lab Student with Lab Rat Lab Rat in Cage Three Students in Experimental Lab

For more information about the Experimental Lab, please contact the current laboratory manager, Joanna Thompson at
Baby Rats Lab Rat White Rat Little Rat