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Addiction Treatment Concentration

Addiction Treatment Concentration

McNeese State University's Master of Arts in Psychology program with a concentration in Addiction Treatment prepares master's level graduates to function as addiction treatment specialists within the community in a variety of settings, such as private and public agencies and rehabilitation centers. This program offers specialized training in the areas of chemical dependency and addiction studies and provides the academic training necessary to apply for licensure as a licensed addictions counselor (LAC). Training emphasizes the development of evidence based assessment and intervention skills.

The student is required to complete 24 hours of core credits and 27 credit hours of Addiction Treatment concentration classes for a total of 51 credit hours. This is a non-thesis program that includes a practicum and internship. McNeese State University's Psychology Department has many off campus practicum and internship sites for students to gain valuable experience while completing the Master's of the Arts degree. The Psychology Department also has a gambling treatment program with which students can gain experience with addictions treatment procedures.

Required Coursework

View the Online Catalog for requirements.

Course Sequence

Fall 1

  • PSYC 540
  • PSYC 631 or 571
  • PSYC 617

Spring 1

  • PSYC 626
  • PSYC 631 or 571
  • PSYC 554

Fall 2

  • PSYC 603
  • PSYC 645
  • PSYC 621 or 692

Spring 2

  • PSYC 655
  • PSYC 622
  • PSYC 621 or 692

Fall 3

  • PSYC 685
  • PSYC 693

Spring 3

  • PSYC 651
  • PSYC 639
  • PSYC 693

Career Opportunities

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