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Our Collective Vision and Goals

Our Collective Vision and Goals

August 7, 2012

Based upon all of the observations and analyses described in my previous blog installments, we arrive at the following vision statement as a guide to McNeese operations for the five-year period beginning in January 2013:

Through the promotion of innovative teaching and learning methodologies, regional partnerships, service-learning opportunities, applied research, cultural engagement, and athletic excellence, McNeese will play an active leadership role in the civic and economic renaissance likely to transform Southwest Louisiana over the next five years.

This vision can be achieved through the application of the following goals, each followed by a set of specific objectives designed to achieve that particular goal.  The objectives are written using broad, aspirational language, with the understanding that the Office of Institutional Effectiveness, in collaboration with Academic and Student Affairs administration, the Faculty Senate, and the Student Government Administration (SGA), will establish measurable outcome indicators and suggested timelines for each objective.  These will be placed in the form of recommendations to be submitted to my office no later than Fall Commencement in December of this year (2012).  It is my hope that the recommendations will be of such high quality that I can approve them immediately, so that operational decisions we make after January 1, 2013, would be targeted toward achievement of all measurable outcome indicators in accordance with the timelines recommended.

Goal #1:  Cultivate Innovative Teaching and Learning

Objective 1.a. Expand online offerings in line with the recommendations outlined in the report drafted by Tom Clay and Associates, Inc.  (Tom Clay's report can be found at )

Objective 1.b.  Steadily increase the number of McNeese graduates who have completed one or more courses in the new Innovation Engineering™ curriculum.

Objective 1.c.  Significantly increase the extent to which courses taken by freshmen and sophomores are taught using data-driven methods proven to promote student learning and retention.

Objective 1.d.  In partnership with regional business and industry, continue to increase the number of post-baccalaureate certificate training opportunities available at McNeese.

Objective 1.e.  Significantly increase opportunities for faculty and students to engage in service-learning coursework designed to promote community service while also enhancing the quality of student learning.

Objective 1.f.  Significantly increase opportunities for students to engage in undergraduate research in close cooperation with McNeese faculty mentors.

Objective 1.g.  Significantly increase the percentage of McNeese students who are engaged in career-related internships prior to their graduation.

Objective 1.h.  Significantly increase the percentage of McNeese students who engage in one or more experiences in universities located outside the United States.

Goal #2:  Cultivate Innovative Collaboration with an Expanding List of Regional Partners

Objective 2.a.  In partnership with the Southwest Louisiana Alliance and its civic, business and governmental constituents in the five-parish Imperial Calcasieu region, develop a leadership role as a facilitator of collaborative projects at the Southwest Louisiana Entrepreneurship and Economic Development (SEED) Center.

Objective 2.b.  Significantly increase the number of mutually beneficial academic programs undertaken in collaboration with Sowela Technical Community College.

Objective 2.c.  Expand the number of course offerings to, and student enrollment from, the greater Fort Polk community.

Objective 2.d.  Significantly increase McNeese engagement with public and private K-12 partners in the five-parish Imperial Calcasieu region-including an increase in the number of K-12 students who visit McNeese and an increase in the number of events involving visits by McNeese to the K-12 institutions, including an expansion in dual enrollment and increasing the number of students who experience events offered by the Banners Cultural Series.

Objective 2.e.  Significantly increase the number of opportunities for adult learners; including, but not necessarily limited to, leisure-learning opportunities.

Goal #3:  While Retaining the Current McNeese Logos, Cultivate a McNeese "Brand" that Embraces a Culture of Innovation

Objective 3.a.  Capitalize on the 75th Anniversary of McNeese as an occasion to promote McNeese to all constituents as a dynamic center of academic and economic innovation.

Objective 3.b.  Promote a culture of marketing synergy-not only by generating ideas from the Department of Athletics, Department of Marketing and Licensing, the McNeese Bookstore, and the Department of Public Relations-but also soliciting input from faculty and students having expertise in academic disciplines relating to marketing and mass communications.

Objective 3.c.  Develop innovative advertising strategies to maximize auxiliary and unconventional revenue sources.

Objective 3.d.  Link the McNeese name more directly with the Banners Cultural Series and other cultural events sponsored by entities operating within the McNeese umbrella.

Goal #4:  Cultivate a Physical Environment that Promotes a Spirit of Innovation

Objective 4.a.  Initiate creative development projects that promote enrollment and retention, such as the restoration of Contraband Bayou and the development of a "one stop shop" to address the needs of prospective students.

Objective 4.b.  Continue to expand the physical footprint of the McNeese campus to create space for innovative academic, cultural, and athletic initiatives and community partnerships.

Objective 4.c.  Promote a culture of cleanliness and respect for the landscaping and grounds that comprise the McNeese campus.

Objective 4.d. Continue to reduce levels of deferred maintenance in existing facilities on campus.