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KBYS means exciting things for McNeese

KBYS means exciting things for McNeese

Radio station logo(March 31, 2014)

It's an exciting time to be at McNeese! We are continuing our quest to cultivate an innovative campus culture with the creation of our long-awaited radio station. KBYS (Cowboys) 88.3 FM will arrive on the airwaves in the coming months to coincide with the University's 75th anniversary.

Although the station is owned and managed by the University, day-to-day operations will be led by a volunteer staff, making KBYS the only community radio station in Louisiana run by volunteers. KBYS will be housed in the former One Hour Martinizing building on Ryan Street across from campus, and renovations to the building are currently underway. Make sure to notice the next time you drive by!

Initially, the station will be more automated than live and will play music from the 1950s to 1990s - one of radio's most popular formats - in addition to providing general news, events, weather and crucial information during emergencies. As the station grows, coverage could span from broadcasting athletic events to covering Banners at McNeese to announcing the number of parking garage spaces still available during the morning commute. Over time, listener feedback will drive the direction of the station.

The creation of KBYS is significant in that it addresses several suggestions for improvement that were brought up during our Strategic Planning meetings in 2011 and 2012. For example, several people expressed a desire to see us strengthen our branding and image. We were urged to "tell our story" and we plan on using the radio station to do just that.  KBYS will become a valuable tool with endless potential to communicate campus and community activities involving McNeese.

We also received feedback involving our communication and community interaction.  What a unique opportunity we have to work collaboratively with volunteers in the community to bring a quality radio station to all of Southwest Louisiana!  

One of the most exciting contributions for KBYS lies in its ability to touch nearly every program on campus and provide students with real-world experience related to their majors. Mass Communication students could gain on-air, production and news experience while computer science and engineering majors could work behind the scenes on software and equipment. The business end of a radio station offers management and marketing experience to business majors, and topic-specific segments could be developed for any other program McNeese offers. These are just a few of the many ways that we believe KBYS will make a positive impact on the McNeese community for years to come.

Anyone interested in volunteering may email Financial support can be made by visiting and selecting "KBYS 88.3 FM" in the designation box.  

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