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From the President's Desk - Blog

From the President's Desk - Blog

McNeese Strategic Plan Update - Part 2

This is part two of a blog series highlighting the 5-year strategic plan goals for McNeese State University.  To see part one on cultivating innovative teaching and learning methods, click here.   

A new semester has begun and it's great to see our campus filled with students again. It is an exciting time to be at McNeese and our future is bright!  The success of McNeese is important for our students, faculty and staff, donors, fans and even the future residents of Southwest Louisiana.  Our 5-year strategic plan is helping us ensure that McNeese makes a positive impact now and for years to come.  The second goal of our plan is to expand McNeese's list of regional partnerships.  Our stakeholders believe that McNeese should collaborate and connect with other businesses and organizations in our region and build off of one another's strengths.  One of the clearest places this can be seen is in the new SEED Center here on campus. 

In 2013, through a partnership with McNeese, the Calcasieu Parish Police Jury, the Southwest Louisiana Economic Development Alliance and the City of Lake Charles, the SEED center opened at McNeese as a "one stop shop" for economic development services in Sout

McNeese Strategic Plan Update - Part 1

The 2014-2015 academic year at McNeese has arrived and it is also the second half of our 75th Anniversary celebration year.  We have had a great time looking back on some of the memories and milestones of McNeese over the past 75 years.  Now it is time to look to the future. 

You may remember that back in the fall of 2012 we released a 5-year strategic plan for McNeese.  We are now beginning our third year of that plan.  It addresses four main goals, each goal focusing on igniting innovation for McNeese and all of Southwest Louisiana:  first, to cultivate innovative teaching and learning; second, to cultivate innovative collaboration with an expanding list of regional partners; third, to cultivate a McNeese "brand" that embraces a culture of innovation; and fourth, to cultivate a physical environment that promotes a spirit of innovation.

In this blog over the next few weeks I'll expand a bit more about how we are achieving these goals at McNeese. Today I'll share some examples of how we are implementing Goal #1 - the cultivation of innovative teaching and learning methods.

Our students have always had the advantage of smaller class sizes allowing for more individual interaction with professors. To take that

Graduation rates and their effects

In just a few days, we are expecting to confer degrees to 818 students, making the Spring Class of 2014 the largest in McNeese's history.  This is a great achievement and one that we can all be proud of whether we are students, alumni, committed faculty, staff members, or valued community supporters. But suppose I told you that half of these graduates may not be counted toward McNeese's graduation rate, which can affect monetary resources that we receive from the state.  Allow me to explain.

KBYS means exciting things for McNeese

Radio station logoIt's an exciting time to be at McNeese! We are continuing our quest to cultivate an innovative campus culture with the creation of our long-awaited radio station. KBYS (Cowboys) 88.3 FM will arrive on the airwaves in the coming months to coincide with the University's 75th anniversary.

President's Day: A Celebration of Leadership at McNeese

February 24, 2014

As part of our 75th Anniversary Year, we recently took a few moments to celebrate the leadership that carried McNeese through the decades to bring us to where we are today.  On February 17 - President's Day, we held a program and reception at our new SEED center recognizing the five presidents that preceded me.  Each man brought unique leadership qualities and lasting contributions to our university. Allow me to share with you a few highlights about each of them:

President Frazar  - In 1949, Lether Edward Frazar presided over the transition of McNeese from a junior college to a four-year institution and was named its first President on August 15, 1950. He retired from McNeese in 1955 in order to run successfully as Lieutenant Governor on the Earl Long ticket. On November 11,1961, McNeese dedicated Frazar Memorial Library in his honor.

President Cusic - Dr. Wayne Cusic was a basketball coach and the second president of McNeese from 1955 to 1969. He came to McNeese in 1940 as an instructor in Health and Physical Education and an athletic coach.  He later served as counselor to men, Director of the Department of Education, Director of Athletics, and Dean of Men. He was also the