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Web Guidelines and Policy

Web Guidelines and Policy

Information Technology
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The Internet and the explosion of electronic communication through the World Wide Web now enable McNeese State University to extend its message to a larger audience than any other form of communication presently available.

McNeese State University's Home Page on the World Wide Web is considered a "publication," and as such, it should present a unified presence in both design and content, and all information on the Home Page must be accurate, maintained, and updated.

To ensure consistency and accuracy, the MSU Home Page is administered through the MSU Office of Image.  The Office of Public Information and Communications controls the content/wording/verbiage on the website. The University publications designed for and distributed to external audiences are handled by the MSU Office of Image and/or the Office of Public Information and Communications.

Academic, non-academic, administrative, and athletic units, as well as other official MSU organizations, are eligible for inclusion in the MSU Home Page. Only approved University information will be posted on the Home Page. The MSU Home Page and links are not intended for commercial use.