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Supplemental Benefits Solicitation Policy

Supplemental Benefits Solicitation Policy

Business Affairs
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It is the policy of McNeese State University to establish efficient and economical practices whenever possible. The purpose of the Supplemental Benefits Solicitation Policy is to ensure consistency and uniformity throughout McNeese State University regarding supplemental benefits solicitation. The Manager of Human Resources is responsible and accountable for the enforcement of this policy and the procedures set forth herein.

McNeese State University allows supplemental benefits solicitation by companies/vendors who have been approved by the Benefits Advisory Council to offer their products to the employees of McNeese State University in accordance with this policy.

Supplemental benefits solicitation includes, but is not limited to, benefits such as life, cancer, disability, dental, vision, accidental death and dismemberment, long term care, pre-paid legal, bonds, annuities, etc. that are being offered to the employees of McNeese State University and have been approved for payroll deduction by the University Benefits Advisory Council in accordance with this policy. This policy does not refer to nor apply to any of the products that are offered through the State of Louisiana - Office of Group Benefits.

Contacting and/or soliciting employees at their offices on campus during working hours will not be permitted. A scheduled time, date, and location will be designated and publicized by McNeese State University, whereby those employees who are interested in the plan being offered may report for further information and enrollment in the plan.

Vendors who are already approved to offer a product to the employees of McNeese State University are not allowed to contact employees during their regular office hours, unless they are authorized to do so by the University Benefits Coordinator. Employees are only allowed to schedule a meeting with an authorized vendor during regular office hours with the permission of their immediate supervisor. All other meetings must be held during the employee's lunch period or after work hours.

Vendors are required to report to Human Resources whenever they arrive on campus as well as when they depart from campus, for any reason. Vendors will be required to sign in and sign out in Human Resources. Upon arrival to the Human Resources Office, vendors will receive a pass that must be worn at all times while on campus.

You may obtain a copy of the Vendor Solicitation Policy in its entirety in Human Resources.