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Property Control Office

Property Control Office

Date enacted or revised: 
January 20, 2006
Property is defined as "tangible non-consumable movable property having an acquisition cost of one thousand ($1000) or more".  All property having an acquisition cost of $1000 or more must be placed on inventory.  Also, any donated equipment received with a value of $1000 or more must be placed on inventory.  Departments are to notify the Property Control Office when they receive property that requires tagging.

Departmental property custodians designated by McNeese State University Administrative Officials, Deans, or Department Heads are responsible for all items on their inventory until transfered to another department or to surplus.

All faculty and staff are cautioned not to dispose of any inventory property without the prior approval of the Property Control Office.  This includes property on your inventory listing as well as other property items costing less than $1000.00  The Property Control Department must make a formal written request to the State to dispose of any item regardless of its condition.  Each budget unit head is accountable for the movable property on his or her inventory until such time the item is picked up from the department.  A property control Exhibit 1 must be completed in order to have property removed from your department.  Property pick up request are forwarded to custodial services and are placed in line for pick up.

Inventory items that become obsolete or idle shall be surplused by the department within the week it becomes idle or surplus.  Submit a property control Exhibit 1 for such items to be removed from the department.


No property item may be demantled prior to receiving approval from Louisiana Property Assistance Agency.  Approval to dismantle property for parts or any other purpose must be submitted to Property Control Office by submitting Property Control Exhibit 1.  A formal request will be made to Louisana Property Assistance and if the request is approved the deparment will be notified.  No property can be dismantled until approval is obtained.


If it is determined that a property item has been stolen, a MSU Police report should be filed immediately indicating the circumstances suspected for the disappearance.  A copy of the police report should be forwarded to the Property Control Office.

Property moved from one area to another should be reported to the Property Control office by use of property control exhibit 1.  It is important to know the location of each property item.

There are some property items that may have a trade-in value.  When studying the possibility of trading in a piece of equipment for the purchase of a new piece of equipment please
contact the property office.  There are specific directions that must be followed for such a transaction to occur.  A trade-in cannot occur until permission is received from the Lousisiana Office of Property Assistance.

No inventory property of this Agency shall be removed from campus to another location for use or storage without the prior approval of the employee's department head or director.  A property control form 2 must be completed and submitted to the property control office prior to removing the equipment from campus. 
Pursuant to LAC34:VII.305.E, each person to whom property is entrusted and receipted for shall be liable for the payment of damages whenever his wrongful or grossly negligent act or omission causes any loss, theft, disappearance, damage to or destruction of property of the agency to which he or she is entrusted.  Any such damages shall be recoverable in a civil suit, therfore, prosecuted on behalf of the state by the attorney general.  Property used and stored at a non-university location shall not be used for personal benefit or any purpose that can be considered misuse of state property.  The use of state property for personal benefit is illegal under state law.

State law requires that an annual inventory of movable property be taken each year.  Maintaining property throughout the year makes this task much easier.

Personal property used on campu is done so at the owner's risk.  Such property should be clearly marked as being non McNeese owned property for audit purposes.  Property housed at McNeese but not owned by the state is not insured.

The property office must be notified any time a property item is donated to McNeese.  Upon notification, property will go to the deparment to tag the item.

It is the policy of McNeese State University that no university assets shall be used for the personal benefit of faculty, staff, students, or the public at large.

A file containing records of equipment purchased with federal money is maintained.  This file contains detailed equipment descriptions, method of procurement, purchase order, invoice and property tag number.

The commissioner of administration shall have power and authority to make necessary and reasonable regulations and orders to carry out the provisions of these regulations when it serves the best interest of the state.  The commissioner shall have the authority to invoke any and all of the following actions when agencies are found to be in noncompliance with these regulations.
1.  Take action to restrict or acquire acquistition of movable property only on approval of the commissioner until compliance with the movable property regulations is completed.
2.  Revoke or restrict purchasing authority for movable property.
3.  Contract, at the expense of the agency in noncompliance, the resources necessary to resolve the compliance problem.

Inventory is conducted on an annual basis.  Inventory reports are sent to each deparment with detailed instructions as to how the inventory is to be conducted.  Results are compiled and submitted to the Louisiana Property Assistance Agency.